Bad Boy Prince

Prince Alasdair “Rex” Westwood

I’m a smooth-talking, risk-taking, party-loving wild child, redeemed only by the royal blood running in my veins. At least, that’s what the tabloids would have you believe. That’s all in my past, but I still carry the weight of all I’ve done, of the people I’ve lost. 

The moment I lay eyes on Katherine for the first time in five long years, something flickers deep inside me. Hope, or at least longing. Maybe I’m not as dead inside as I think. Maybe I’m not a lost cause, after all. 

I have to have her, can’t leave her alone, even though I know it’s wrong. She’s too good, too light inside. I’ve never understood why she walked away before, why she left without a goodbye, but I’m sure she had her reasons. After all, what woman in her right mind would try to tame me? 

If she’s not careful, she’s going to end up finding out why I’m the ultimate BAD BOY PRINCE… 

Lady Katherine “Kit” Saville

“Prince Magnum”, as he’s called in the papers, is the the biggest pr*ck I’ve ever met. Dirty mouth, dirty mind, and way too hot for his own good. I loathe him. When we were younger, he took my V-card, trampled on my tender heart, and left me with a secret so big I can’t ever fully trust anyone again… 

Now my Mum is marrying Alasdair’s father… and that will make us step-siblings. Step-siblings that used to share a lot more than an English class. Just looking at him makes me blush, reminds me that I still fantasize about him touching me… 

The one guy I said I’d never trust again. The one whose filthy talk and sinful good looks make my body yearn. The one I absolutely cannot have, for so many reasons. 

Will I ever learn my lesson, or will I fall prey to the BAD BOY PRINCE one last time?