First Post

A first post, a blank page, an unfulfilled promise. It's like cracking the spine of a new paperpack; just a hint of foreshadowing. What writer could resist?

I am Vivian K. Wood, author of the novel Shifter In Ascent and the short story Promise To Bite. That's all the shameless self-promotion for today, I promise. Just over a year ago, I decided I wanted to write a book. I knew it would be fiction (my passion), and that I wanted to write a genre novel. After sorting through a thousand ideas, I settled on paranormal romance.

Why romance? Well, several reasons. First, it's something I actually read. I'll read just about anything put in front of my face, but I felt as though I was well-versed enough in romance novels to understand the reader's expectations. I felt as though I could put interesting characters in interesting situations within the limitations of the romance genre, and I thought it would be fun to write something light-hearted.

Lastly, I chose romance because I had never written a book in my life. Yes, I studied creative writing in college. Yes, I knew I was a technically and stylistically proficient writer. Yes, I have written masses of short stories - great practice for writing a novel. But still, I had never physically sat down and planned an entire novel, worked out every detail, recorded it all, and then actually wrote the damn thing. I'd never even CONSIDERED it, which is pretty weird since reading and writing are my obsessions.

So I did some research into the "formulae" of romance novels, how they're typically put together. There are a million methods, a billion pieces of advice from writers across the spectrum... I cobbled together a plot plan and then made a million lists and index cards full of notes and then... slowly but surely, I wrote it!

After little success with traditional publishers and agents (and a little inspiration from a Redditor), I decided to self-publish my novel in both print and paperback. Now I am slowly learning about promoting my book while working on my second novel, the sequel to Shifter In Ascent.

It seems incredible now, but it did take a whole year of my life to write my first novel. I like to think that I have learned a few things in the process, and that I continue to learn new things about this job every day. The point of this blog is really to discuss the methods I've adopted and discarded, the tools I find useful in my craft, and pretty much anything else related to my writing.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me: vivian.k.wood(at)gmail(dot)com.

I look forward to writing more soon!