Billionaires, Werewolves, and Harems, Oh MY!

So I'm writing a smoking-hot erotica story for a Smutwriters collection I'm putting together, tentatively called "Into The Sunset". Yeah, I'm working on the title. It needs to be like 75% sexier. Or maybe 200%. Whatever. My point is the story.

It centers on a werewolf named Lucas Kiern. Lucas happens to be the CEO of a software company, and be filthy, dirty, trash-the-silk-sheets-every-morning rich. At 35, he's grown accustomed to a quiet, solitary life of luxury and has never made any move to change things. That's when he comes across Aurelia. Beautiful, flame-haired cybergeek Aurelia is in BIG trouble, and no amount of alpha-bitch behavior is going to save her this time.

Lucas knows he'll never settle down with one female, and fiercely independent Aurelia will never allow herself to be tamed. Luckily Lucas has hit on a solution, one that will eventually bring several females into Lucas's home and bedroom. A harem, shared amongst Lucas and his two best friends. Something for everyone, and no one will leave unsatisfied.

The only question now is... will Aurelia take Lucas's offer? And if she does, what will the big bad wolf do to her?