Borrowing from New Orleans' oral history...

So I am extremely excited about this new series, especially because I am actively working to really feature New Orleans as more than a mere backdrop. I want the city to be integral to the plot of this series, and to further that goal I've been researching a lot of paranormal stories and oral traditions that originated here. Let me tell you, there are TONS to choose from when it comes to any kind of supernatural story. I was most drawn to the idea of the Gates of Guinee, which are (supposedly) the seven gates guarded by voodoo priests that you must pass through to get to the dark side/hell/whatever you want to call it. It's got a whole interesting history, of course, but as a writer I don't want to just straight up steal the voodoo legend word for word. I want to borrow the best parts and then mix them up and rehash them to suit my Brethren series. I think I've finally got one good line that's a perfect mixture of NOLA legend and my own adaptation:

"Seven nights, seven moons, seven gates, seven tombs, seven brothers, seven lovers, seven runes."

What do y'all think? I'm pretty excited about it.