Character Arc Leading Statements Worksheet

In the name of coming up with new and exciting worksheets, here is a worksheet I've come up with to help flesh out a character's arc of personal growth throughout a novel. My technique is to create leading statement sentences, wherein the author can fill in the character's desires and explain what they've learned and how they've changed throughout each of the five acts of a novel. Here's what I've come up with:

Character Arc Worksheet

Act One

  • Ordinary World: “I want…”
  • “My plan to get what I want is…”

Act Two

  • First Turning Point: “What I really want is…because of my secret, which is…”
  • “I am most afraid of…”
  • “I wasn’t expecting this, but it’s okay because my new plan is to…”

Act Three

  • Midpoint/No Return: “I thought I wanted something else, but now I REALLY want…”
  • “…has changed the way I think about….”
  • “I can’t go back because I’ve changed too much. Now I’m going to move forward by…”
  • “Now I fear…the most.”

Act Four

  • Crisis: “What I NEED, at ANY COST, is…”
  • “I have lost… which makes me feel… and now I understand that…”
  • “I’m defeated, but I can’t quit. I have to…”

Act Five

  • Climax: “The truth is, I’ve learned… and I feel…”
  • “Everything is okay because I’ve got…and now I see…in my future.”

Here's a nice little PDF if you'd like it: Character Arc Worksheet