...Even MORE Free Erotica!



My oh my! The holidays are nearly here. You've been out buying turkeys, stressing over what to get loved ones as gifts... where's the fun in that for YOU, you might ask? Well, friend, it surely is your lucky day. From the lovely people at Smutwriters.com comes yet another amazing free anthology of erotica and romantica, this time tinged with a candy-cane sweet dose of holiday spirit. Here's the lowdown:

These red hot stories are here just in time to make sure you have a very merry holiday. Eight of today’s sexiest authors a serving up shorts about Santa’s dominant streak, Jack Frost’s cold hands, and a romantic Hanukkah night. Over 22,000 words of naughty holiday action!

Explicit content: This holiday smut contains bdsm and taboo PI scenes, interspersed with warm gooey romantica.

Numerous Smutwriters chose to participate, such as:

  • Lindsey Flinch Bedder
  • Ellen Dominick
  • Antoinette M.
  • Scarlet Cox
  • Vivian Wood (me, duh)
  • William Cooper
  • Veronica Hardy
  • Kelly Anne Scott

Did I mention it was free on Smashwords and AllRomanceEbooks? And it's just .99 on Amazon... so you'd probably better go get it! Quit drooling and get your ass in gear, people.