Making A Werebear Photo Collage...

Part of the *sigh* extremely taxing work of a romance writer is gathering inspiration for HOW characters look. I can't describe a character properly without looking at a photo of some kind. That's where Scapple comes into play; I use the program to think up ideas about characters, including short histories, character traits, jobs, issues, etc. 

Best of all... I search every corner of the internets for just the right PHOTO to represent each character, and then drag and drop them into the document to make a photo collage. I swear, it really does help! A brooding photo, a smiling photo, a half-naked-covered-in-muscles photo... helps me develop the story's plot!

So I just wanted to share my latest creation with you all, showing off some of the men-spiration behind my upcoming series. Hopefully it'll get you as excited as I feel right now! These guys are all so great, it's kind of a six-way tie for winner of my heart!

Vivian WoodComment