So many wolves...

So I just finished submitting my newest Werewolf's Harem story, Saved By The Alpha. The story features our beloved Lucas with Scarlett, the female he's destined to meet. It's a really nice story, I think. Sweet and sexy, just the way we all like them. I'll have some information up on the Books page soon so you can go grab it for Kindle.

Right after finishing Saved By The Alpha, I started the next story in the series. Sexy, brazen Garrett wrote himself into existence, and I can't deny Lucas's super hot brother his chance at romance and passion. He's paired with Kiley, a definite bad girl. I couldn't be more pleased with how the book is turning out!

As I worked on Garrett's story, I thought about the sixth book in the series. I knew I wanted to have at least one more, since these stories work best in threes, and after a little brainstorming I conceived of Elijah, a very sexy werewolf soldier in need of a little TLC.

I guess I'm just catching you up on the series plan. 

  • Book One - Lucas and Aurelia
  • Book Two - Aurelia and Ben
  • Book Three - Walker and Ella
  • Book Four - Lucas and Scarlett
  • Book Five - Kiley and Garrett
  • Book Six - Elijah and... we'll let that bit be a surprise!

Lots and lots more to come! Get excited! Don't forget to hop on my mailing list for information on all my new releases.