Soooo... just started my next series. Berserker-style werebears, Big Beautiful Women, and some gorgeous Montana sky are just the ticket, don't you think? A whole new world setup, new rules, and some good old fashioned dirty sex are called for. I do love a challenge!

Hero Names:

  • Finn
  • Noah
  • Gavin
  • Cameron
  • Luke
  • Wyatt

Heroine Names:

  • Allie
  • Lucy
  • Aubrey
  • Faith
  • Nora
  • Charlotte

I'm about 3,000 words into the series prequel, which will be offered FREE to people who are signed up for my mailing list when the first story comes out. I'm pretty excited. All I have to do now is figure out how the hell I'm supposed to decide which one to write first... 

Gentle Finn, practical Noah, skeptical Luke, Alpha jerk Cameron, cocky asshole Wyatt, or even-keeled Gavin? I think I already know I have to save Luke and Wyatt for last... :)

Until next time!


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