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Destined For The Alpha

Smoking-hot alpha wolves, fiery females, and pulse-pounding plots... Find the passion, drama, and romance you love in the Werewolf's Harem.

Reclusive billionaire Lucas needs gorgeous redheaded Aurelia. He saves her and seduces her, trying to win her over — body first, then soul. Sweet, sexy Ben ruins the perfect mateship, leading Aurelia on an innocent hike that ends in wild, wanton sex. Fiery alpha male Walker is willing to walk into fire to save beautiful Ella, so when she goes into heat on his lap, he’s willing to go to any lengths to slake her lust. Powerful ex-soldier Walker Black has a new mission: stop the auction of beautiful werewolf Ella, abducted from her home and awaiting a fate worse than death. Garrett Kiern blows things with Kiley, the girl of his dreams; when she shows up on his doorstep, will he be able to take another chance to get everything he's ever wanted? Elijah Buchanan and Ivy Dorset have two big things in common: they both need to start a family within the year, and they’re both hiding some huge secrets.