romance you crave

DLS manu excerpt

Important to know: this is weird and tropey, but she is a virgin (I KNOW) and he’s older (I KNOW). it’s also a best friend’s little sister joint, but… you know… anyway, parts of it are pretty cheesy.

In the next second, Aiden buries his face in the space between my breasts. I’m not wearing a bra, so when he pushes aside the material and exposes both my tits, I’m bare before him.

“Fuck,” he mutters again, looking at my breasts. My hard pink nipples demand attention. My whole body tingles in anticipation of his mouth on my skin.

He puts his hands on my breasts, pushing them together, licking and kissing them both. My back bows, thrusting my nipples out and pushing my head back. I feel that familiar connection in my body, between my neck and my breasts, my nipples and my pussy. I roll my hips against his, my mouth opening to release a soft moan.

This is everything. This moment, these sensations, that passionate expression on his face. They are what I was missing, without even knowing it. I suddenly feel like I am on the threshold of being a whole person.

I push eagerly onward, rolling my hips again. Aiden has whatever I lack. He’s going to fill a chasm deep inside of me that I never even knew was there.

Burying my fingers in the short hair at his nape, I gasp as he impatiently plucks at my tank top where it’s tucked into my skirt. He rucks the shirt up and I raise my arms to help him get it off over my head.

He groans, looking at me. Aiden’s arms encircle me, feeling for the zipper to my skirt. “It’s not enough, Olive. I want you naked, wet, and ready for me,” he grits out.

His gaze is direct and scorching. He is a ravenous fire, threatening to burn me alive. And I am the kindling, stacked and ready, welcoming his spark to my dry tinder. We are so very close to combusting.

“I’m ready,” I whisper, helping him find the hidden zipper to my skirt. “I need you, Aiden.”

His fingers undo the zipper, ripping the garment in his hurry to get me naked. At the same time, I pull up his shirt, exposing his abs and then his chest. He stops and tears his shirt over his head, pressing his kiss down on me like he’s drowning and I’m the only oxygen in the world.

I work at the zipper on his jeans, undoing it and then sliding my hands around to his ass. I slip my hands down the strong muscles I find there, pulling him against my body again. He shucks my skirt down my legs as I slip his jeans down his hips, pushing up on my tiptoes to kiss him again. Our tongues dance for several beats.

He frames my breasts with his touch, then slips one of his hands down my ribs, down my belly, to the fine thatch of dark hair that grows between my legs. I close my eyes and moan as he probes the folds of my pussy. It’s all I can do not to spread my legs and beg for him to touch me like a bitch in heat.

In the next second though, he nips at my earlobe and takes that away from me.

“Scoot back,” he urges, voice gone to gravel. “Open your legs for me, Olive. Let me see your creamy pussy.”

Dropping my head and moving a couple of inches further back on the tree, I moan as his clever fingers find my clit.

“That’s it,” he coaxes, looking down. He puts a little space between our bodies, urging me onward. “Spread your knees wide for me, honey.”

Feeling a weird combination of shameless and embarrassed, I spread my legs as far as they will go. If anybody else saw me like this, so naked and utterly desperate, I would die. But I look at Aiden and the desire in his expression emboldens me.

I want to be wanton with him, to show him how hungry I am for whatever he will give me. I’ve waited for this my whole life, so I might as well be brazen right now.

Aiden puts two fingers in his mouth, then drops those fingers down to massage my clit. I am not a chair girl, I’ve definitely rubbed my clit before. But when he does it, it feels wholly different. It feels so damned good, like I’m stretching and reaching for something explosive that is just outside of my grasp. He looks deep in my eyes and controls me with his touch, so that I’m spread open and wet, my heart pounding.

He grabs my breast with his newly freed hand, swapping the two. I lean back a little, biting my lip and staring at him like he’s a whole damned meal and I’m starving.

Aiden gets this little smirk on his lips as he looks at me.

“What?” I ask, flushing at his probing gaze.

His smile widens just bit. His fingers dip from my clit to my core, circling and teasing.

“I’m just watching you. Waiting to see you come apart.” He slides one finger into my core, lighting up a whole part of my body that I didnt even realize felt good.

I shiver against the sensation. “What if I dont?”

God, what if I can’t? I never thought about it, but that is possible.

Now he grins, leaning down to kiss my collarbone. When he speaks, the sound of it reverberates against my flesh. “You will.”

He sinks down to his knees. My thighs tense and my knees start to close, but he tuts at me. “Stop.”

Pulling both hands out to push my knees wide again, Aiden starts kissing the inside of my thigh, making a clear path to my pussy. I squirm as I ache for what I know is coming.

I’ve seen enough movies to know that he is about to eat me out. I can feel the excitement building, feel myself growing hotter and wetter every second. His nose tickles the inside of my thigh.

I can’t help the moan that escapes my lips when he parts my pussy lips with two fingers, blowing delicately on the too-needy flesh he finds there.

Aiden glances at me, still smirking. “If you like what I’m doing, if you want more of something, I expect you to tell me. Moan, use words, whatever feels right.”

I don’t know what else to do but nod. As he slowly kisses my pussy, I hold my breath and bury my fingers in his hair. When his tongue circles my clit, a moan bursts from my throat. It feels natural, so I just go for it.

He sets up a rhythm, licking and sucking, making me as hot as fire. It feels good to rock my hips against his mouth, to whisper yes when he hits the right spot, to throw my head back and let soft sounds leave my throat.

All the while, he keeps leading me down a path, driving me wilder and wilder with desire, until…

I climax suddenly, violently. Choking, I feel the vibrations deep within my body ripple out to my breasts, my collarbone, my legs, my fingertips, my toes. Aiden is already kissing his way up my body, getting to his feet. I turn my flushed face up to him, offering him my mouth.

He takes it greedily, his breath tasting deep and earthy and charged, the flavor a little like putting my tongue on a battery. It’s my taste, I realize with a start. I have a flavor of my very own.

His hands are everywhere, sliding from my shoulders down to grab my ass, then back up to my breasts. Although I just orgasmed, already I can feel my body preparing for more. I still want him.

I cling to his shoulders with one arm as I fumble with his jeans with the other, smoothing my fingers down his back to his bare ass. Now I’ve lost some of my shyness, exploring the shape of his ass boldly. It’s dense muscle, leans and smooth just like every other place on his body that I’ve touched.

Aiden moves back an inch, pushing his jeans down to reveal his cock. Thick and long and nothing short of glorious, his cock jumps at my touch. Curious, I feel the weight of it in my palm.

He bites his lower lip and allows my inquisitive touch for a moment. When I curl my fingers around his cock and give it an experimental stroke though, he hisses and stops my hand.

“Not this time, Olive,” he manages, looking a little strangled.

My eyes widen and I pull my hand back. “Did I hurt you?”

He chuckles a little, shaking his head. He cups my jaw, looking into my eyes. “No. I just… I have fantasied about this moment so much. I’m already primed and ready to go. It won’t take much to set me off, and I want to be able to last for you.”

That surprises me. “Oh,” is the only thing I can think of to say, but I have a million questions.

The next second Aiden puts those thoughts out of my mind by leaning down and kissing me passionately. He takes his cock from my grip and presses the blunt tip against the inside of my thigh. I pull him in with my legs, making him readjust a little until he settles the tip of his length against my slippery core. We both groan in unison as he pushes inside, stretching me out with each inch.

I grip his shoulders, my nails digging into his flesh. His brow furrows in concentration as he works his length all the way in. It’s a little uncomfortable for me, if I’m honest. Having so much weight crushed against me and being so intimately stretched out is awkward and almost painful.

But I trust Aiden; he has only brought me pleasure so far. If he says that I’ll like fucking, I undoubtedly will.

“God damn,” he murmurs. “You are so fucking tight, Olivia.”

The reverent look on his face excites me. I provide something that he wants, which is new and exhilarating for me.

“Keep going,” I whisper.

He looks up at me, a sheen of sweat beginning to break across his forehead. He moves then, slowly pumping his cock in and out of me. I start to feel ripples of pleasure, tentative at first, then more and more certain.

Aiden takes my breast in one hand, plucking at the nipple. I start to move in time with him, rolling my hips. Little licks of flame start to unfurl themselves deep inside of me, stealing my breath away.

“Ohh,” I moan. Tossing my head back, I meet his cautious thrusts. He’s being careful with me, but I dont want that. “I want… more. Fuck me harder, Aiden.”

He stiffens for just a moment, then grabs my hips and pulls me up a few inches. He forgets his hesitant rhythm and starts hammering himself in and out of my pussy. My eyes widen for a second. He starts sweating in earnest, his sweat mixing with my own every single place that my fingers touch.

Looking at his fierce expression, I’m unsure what I’ve unleashed in him, more beast than man. But at the same time, the ripples of my inner pond are growing in size, becoming chaotic.

It feels unbelievably good to move my hips in time with each thrust. I focus on that, letting my eyes drift closed, my fingers reaching for my own nipple. Aiden groans and pushes my hand aside, slipping his hand down between us.

He brushes my clit, the sensation like a live wire. I suddenly feel electrified, moaning and clutching at his shoulders. He punctuates each thrust by stroking my clit.

“Come for me,” he whispers, his words a plea and a command at once.

I clench my eyes shut, stretching, reaching for some unknown goal. “Aiden… I…”

I reach a sudden cliff, running up one side and launching myself off. That’s what coming feels like — falling down a deep, dark crevasse, seizing up, my whole body shaking and clamping down. Feeling a million tiny jolts of sensation overwhelming my entire system, all at once.

Aiden doesn’t need to ask if I climaxed. I open my eyes and keep my hips moving, trying desperately to breathe. He hammers his cock home at a blistering pace, his movements freezes as he approaches his own peak.

“God damn,” he whispers, pumping his hips madly. “Fuck, Olivia, you’re making me come…”

Then he roars, thrusting hard and raggedly a half dozen times. I feel him coming, feel his semen fill me in hot pulses. I can only turn my lips up to his once more.