Knocking Boots

Knocking Boots

It started as a bet; now I don’t want to stop. 

I was engaged once, and I learned my lesson. That’ll never happen again. Women come and go, but my bar is all I give a damn about. F*ck commitment. All I need is one night. It’s just for fun, and then it’s over.  

Until she walked into my bar.  My sweetheart.

Gorgeous from head to toe, she’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants. The whole nine yards, complete with a picket fence… not a southern bartender with commitment issues. 

Maybe it was the challenge that drew me to her… maybe it was something else. 

It was harmless flirting at first. Then it turned into a drunken deal. 
She’s supposed to play my girlfriend until my sister’s wedding, just to get my family off my back. 

Every day we get closer to the wedding, it’s harder and harder to deny what I’m feeling.  
But she never wanted me to begin with. It was just a stupid bet.  

She never told me what she wanted in return. I know what she’s desperate for though, a baby. A family to call her own.

I’m not ready to settle down, but damn I want to hold on to her for just a little longer. 
But I can’t let just a little longer turn into forever.

**Knocking Boots is a full-length standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.