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Louisiana Shifters - The Full Series

Bite, seduce, fight, or love... In the war for a Shifter's heart, absolutely anything goes. Sexy alpha males, fierce heroines, and a whole lot of steamy romance -- you'll find all this and more in the Louisiana Shifters series! 

Two full-length novels plus four novellas featuring dashing Shifter males and the feisty females that love them.

Tessa Andersen finds her soul mate the moment she realizes that she's a little more than human... too bad she needs to hand bad boy Jace Copeland over to the enemy in order to save her sister.

Maddie Copeland has struck a bargain with sexy Alpha Jasper McDonough: she'll be his mate, but only on paper. When push comes to shove, Jasper has other ideas, and Maddie is caught between lust and fulfilling her lifelong dreams. 

Jeanne needs sexy neighbor Ian to stay alive, she just doesn't know it yet... 

Emma might have visions of the future, but nothing could prepare her for smoking hot Shifter Connall and the mission they'll need to complete... 

Shy, repressed Dr. Rose will have to fight to save her Shifter patient, known to her only as Mason. With his execution looming, will she have the courage to leave everything behind in order to save him? 
Maddie and Jasper return, appearing in Edinburgh to track down an elusive Alpha. As they explore ancient Scottish ruins, they'll also get to explore one another...