Pretend I'm Yours




Pretend I'm YoUrs

Heartbroken, destroyed, and on the edge of despair. 

That’s how I felt for two years after my wife died, leaving me all alone with our baby. 
I sucked it up and kept going for my little girl… but I wasn’t living. I was only existing.

Then I met Larkin, my gorgeous blonde neighbor. She’s got curves made for my hands to hold, and toffee-colored eyes that beg me to do unspeakable things to her.

I don’t want to want her. I don’t want to look at her, and I definitely don’t want to long for her.
I want to avoid her.

Except… I can’t. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I am brought back to Larkin. 

And when we finally cave, falling into bed together... It’s f**king explosive and passionate and deep. It feels as essential as breathing.

I’m starting to fall in love with Larkin… but it was never supposed to turn into this. 

If I want a future with Larkin, I have to figure out how to let go of the past.
And nothing has ever felt so good and hurt so bad.