Promise Me

Promise Me: A Second Chance Romance
By Vivian Wood, Willow Winters

The Navy made me the man I am, but I wouldn’t have survived without her.

Violet Shaw.  My Vi. 

I made her a promise a long time ago, and she thinks I broke it. But I never stopped loving her. I never will.

I was fool four years ago. I threw what we had away, thinking it was for her own good. No girl should have to wait around for a soldier that might never come home.

Everyday I thought about her; I fought to come back to her. 

Now that I’m back in our hometown, I see her everywhere, as curvaceous and tempting as ever. But all she’s doing is pushing me away.

I was her first and I want to be her last.  

I just need one chance.  

I threw what we had away once -- I won’t make that mistake again. Vi is going to be mine.