romance you crave


Connor f**cking Gray is the biggest pr*ck on the planet -- and maybe the only person standing between me and a horrible, grisly death.

Rock, meet hard place. 

My name is Elly Parsons. I’m the biggest thing in pop music right now... I’m not sure what will kill me first, my tour schedule or the insane stalker threatening to murder me. When my manager forces me to accept a 24/7 bodyguard, Connor Gray is the last person that comes to mind. 

He’s not just the hottest guy I’ve ever seen… he’s also about to become my stepbrother. 

When my stalker gets too close, I end up in Connor’s arms -- and not just for protection. I start to enjoy Connor’s presence in my life and in my bed. 

This is bad. If someone finds out I’m hooking up with the help, not to mention my stepbrother, the press is going to rip me to shreds. There is no happy ending, not for Connor and me. 

My whole life and career hang in the balance. I can’t afford to mess around here. Not with this, and not with him. Which is bad, because I think I might be losing my heart to Connor... 

Yeah, I am so, so screwed. 

This standalone bad boy novel is about 60,000 words and has a guaranteed Happily Ever After! Also included is a 90,000 word BONUS BOOK -- Shifter’s Ascent, a standalone introduction to Vivian Wood’s line of steamy shifter romances!