SEAL's Touch

SEAL's Touch

She could be the one to save him… if she doesn’t burn him alive first.

Ex-SEAL Walker Roman can never forget the carnage he witnessed during wartime. It haunts his dreams and lurks in the darkness of his every waking moment, ceaseless and unstoppable, no matter what he does to quiet his demons. 

Until the first time he sees the beautiful Ashleigh. For a moment, the demons scatter.

One look at her sparkling blue eyes, and he’ll do anything to take her home. It doesn’t matter what secrets the strip club waitress has hiding in those depths... He needs her, naked and moaning his name, now.

But those secrets are dangerous, and Walker doesn’t know he’s stepped into a minefield. Before he can so much as steal a kiss, they’re on the run from the Russian mob, hiding out in his hometown.

Walker knows the smart choice is to turn the girl over and save himself - but with every glance, every touch, and every kiss, he falls harder for his Doll. 

Caught between a rock and a hard place, will Walker and Ashleigh let go? 

Or will Ashleigh learn that a ring from a SEAL really means forever?